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N95 Surgical Grade & KN95 Medical Grade Masks

ProtectFLEX® N95 & KN95 masks are intended to protect both patients and health care workers from the transfer of microorganisms and airborne particulate materials.

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  • Does not contain cellulose
  • Filters out 99% of particles down to 0.1 microns
  • Snugly conforms to many different face-shapes
  • 160 mm/Hg Fluid Resistance Rating
  • Large filter area allows for easy breathing and speaking
  • Stretch-knit headbands enhance wearer comfort

Protective Eyewear & Full Face Shields

ProtectFLEX® Eyewear feature lightweight, anti-fog protection from splashing or spraying.

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Disposable Face Mask

ProtectFLEX® disposable face masks offered in 2 grades. Surgical (sterile) and Medical Grade (non sterile).

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Protective Suits & Surgical Gowns

ProtectFLEX® medical garments made of high density polypropylene non-woven. Comfort fit design based on extensive wearer input. Allows a greater range of movement while stretching and bending.

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